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Onika  is the epitome of what a personal trainer should be. With upbeat personality and extensive exercise-health lifestyle knowledge, Onika is completely devoted to her clients and fitness community. Come as you are.  She will bring the BEST out of YOU! Having 10+ years in the fitness industry, she is equipped to help anyone achieve total transformation. Whether she is helping busy professionals get back in shape,  teaching yoga to professional athletes,  helping new moms regain their body confidence, or working with  tv personalities to ensure they look their best on camera, Onika has had success in a variety of different environments. Showing that her approach and skillset translate to a plethora of clientele.

As a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Yoga Instructor Onika’s ultimate purpose is to help others achieve their personal fitness goals and adopt healthy lifestyle habits that are sustainable. To her, the key is to workout with passiondetermination and  a positive mindset! She will encourage you to acknowledge the small victories because hey, that’s the only way to get to the end goal, right? Her positive spirit and can-do attitude will help you shift your mindset to believing you are truly worthy of transformation and well-being.

Her coaching approach has helped hundreds of clients. Beyond physical fitness, she focuses on developing an attitude and creating an inner dialogue that changes the way you view yourself and in turn how you feel about exercising. Her aim is to help you not be purely focused on the destination, but to rather enjoy the journey as your body and minds transform.  If you walk into any of her training sessions, it will only be a matter of time until you hear her yelling her motto, “Let’s put some love into it!” Simply meaning that she wants her people to put themselves at the TOP of the priority list, and use exercise as outlet to release stress and get empowered. THAT is what she is all about!

Certified Personal Trainer, Founder of OK FIT


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