Exciting mind-body
Community building program


“Set your property apart from the competition by  providing an inviting, inclusive health and fitness culture within your residential community.”

Having implemented successful programs at a number of different properties across the country, Onika is well equipped to step in and make an immediate impact by creating a diverse fitness program and building a culture of health and wellness throughout your community.  These attributes will make your community even more appealing for both current and prospective residents.

OK FIT creates a unique experience for your residents as they look forward to fun and engaging on-site fitness programming suitable for all fitness levels including full body circuit training, hiit workouts, kettle bell workouts, core/ab focus, sunrise & sunset yoga flow, candlelight yoga, yoga for the back and more….

Your residents will also benefit from:

  • On-site certified and fully insured fitness professionals creating an inviting and safe environment for your residents
  • A variety a group fitness classes suited for all fitness levels
  • One (1) complimentary personal training session with OK FIT as a welcome gift to your health driven community
  • Regular social gatherings centered around health and fitness
  • Fitness challenges that will create a fun and active community among your residents
  • Ongoing communication within your residential community via newsletter and social media

What’s in it for you as a property owner/manager?

  • Have a positive effect on the resident retention rate
  • An exciting selling feature to potential residents
  • Higher occupancy rate within your property
  • Comfort in knowing your residents are safe under the guidance of certified fitness professionals.
  • Overall increased value to your property
  • Additional benefit for your employees as they are welcome to participate


“Get OK FIT at your workplace and lift up the mood!”

A growing number of companies in the U.S look to corporate wellness as a key to overall success.Considering employees spend 40+ hours a week in the workplace and the rising cost of health care, professionals is the U.S are seeking a work/life balance for themselves now more than ever. A workplace that promotes healthiness, both mentally and physically are becoming higher on the priority list for most.

Some of the most successful businesses in the world now understand the endless advantages to keeping employees healthy from increased productivity to overall less sick days. It’s a win-win for all when employee and management alike turn to fitness not just to improve their physical health, but as a way to manage and release stress.

Having implemented successful fitness and yoga classes and programs at a number of different corporations across the country, Onika is well equipped to step in and make an immediate impact.  Whetheryou currently have a wellness program in place and need a dynamic instructor, or want to create one from scratch, OK FIT is an excellent option to help you meet those goals.

Integrate wellness into the company structure by providing your pick of the options below:

  • Personal trainer visits on site – one-on-one and small group workouts
  • Group fitness classes for all fitness levels – fostering team building using fitness games
  • One-on-one and group yoga classes – for stress management & stress relief

Creative solutions to implement a more health-conscious work environment

  • Nutrition and fitness challenges
  • Reward/incentive programs
  • Lunch/breakroom space 101- set up for success!